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    Resources edge drives areas forward
    Updated: 2007-09-06 06:26

    Six areas in Chongqing's Beibei District have witnessed rapid development. They are the Caijia Area, Tongxing Industrial Zone, Beibei Eco-Agricultural Zone, Beibei New City, 10-sq -km Spring City and Beibei University City.

    Each of the six areas enjoys unique advantages in resources related to industry, agriculture, tourism and education, ensuring a sustainable and balanced development for Beibei.

    Caijia Area

    Situated in the north of Beibei District, the area is the hub for four Chongqing districts and has been identified as the key area for the municipality's industrial development.

    Chongqing has designated a "One-hour Economic Rim", where top enterprises are situated close to advanced transportation and basic infrastructure. Caijia Area has an advantageous location in this economic rim, which has made a batch of top enterprises such as Huaxin International Co, Hongta Group, Shell Co and Dongyin Group invest there.

    A series of premium real estate projects, including Water Sky Park, Hongding Golf Zone, Zhongan Emerald Lake, and transportation projects such as Zutuan Circular Road, Caijia Road and Jiayue Bridge have been initiated and set up in succession there.

    Last year, the area attracted a combined capital of 540 million yuan and fixed asset investments worth 950 million yuan.

    Advanced design and construction standards, quality management and efficient service have helped Caijia Area develop into a dynamic and beautiful new city.

    Tongxing Industrial Zone

    This was one of the 19 city-level industrial zones approved by the Chongqing municipal government.

    It has an approved area of 5.27 sq km, which is divided into three sections with an initial area of 1.55 sq km each.

    Area A of the zone is for bio-medicine and related packaging, and machinery manufacturing industries.

    Areas B and C, adjacent to No 212 State Expressway and Sanxikou Exit of the Chongqing-Hebei Expressway, are home to equipment, IT and manufacturing industries.

    The geological advantages and advanced infrastructure of the three areas of Tongxing zone have inspired Gelin Battery and Lifan Minicar Company into moving there in recent years.

    The zone is expected to attract 700 million yuan of capital and fixed asset investments of up to 1.1 billion yuan this year.

    The zone's industrial output and revenue for 2007 are expected to reach 2.8 billion and 130 million yuan respectively

    Eco zone

    This zone takes pride in harmonious development of tourism and agriculture.

    It is striving to build five model villages to drive the growth of another 20, where a series of key tourism projects such as East Jialing River Flower Port, Dadi Fishing Village, Chongqing Farmer's Village and Villager's Carnival, and many agricultural projects such as Jinxia Peach Area, where many peach trees are planted.

    Beibei is intensifying its efforts to build this zone into a top socialist new countryside.

    This year, the zone is expected to attract 400 million yuan in investments, with fixed asset investments reaching some 400 million yuan.

    Beibei New City

    With an approved construction area of 32 sq km and a population of 350,000, the New City's newly built housing area covers 3 million sq m.

    The New City has adopted a strategy of according top priority to eco-environment and rational design, and has been built as a unique eco-park city with excellent mountainous and riverside scenery.

    It has been touted as China's bamboo eco-city, as many varieties of bamboo have been planted there, creating a picturesque effect.

    A five-star spring holiday hotel, a station for the Chongqing Transportation Group's long-distance buses, the Jialing Walking Street - the seventh business bloc in Chongqing, Chongqing Nature Museum, and the No 6 and 7 Light Railway are expected to be built there.

    With such top projects, the New City will be expanded westwards to cover a total area of 60 sq km with a likely population of 600,000, and is set to become an economically prosperous area.

    10-sq-km Spring City

    The hot springs there have led to the city being pinpointed as a tourism area.

    Spring City covers some 10 sq km close to the Jialing River and Jinyun Mountain and has been included in the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10). It is also one of the top 100 construction sites in Chongqing.

    The CITS Group, a national tourism giant, has invested up to 1 billion yuan in the Chongqing Yishang Spring Park, which is currently under construction.

    Meanwhile, the Yunnan Bailian Group, China's top spring tourism brand enterprise, has spent 150 million yuan for the construction of a Bailian SPA project there. Abundant tourism and unique cultural and historical resources create enormous development potential for the 10-sq-km Spring City.

    (China Daily 09/06/2007 page55)

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